Shooting: Lululemon Ambassador Misha McNair

Lululemon ambassadors have a very special place in the company. They are community influencers who live and breathe the sweat life. They are community leaders who constantly work to live their best lives and strive to motivate people around them to do the same. We were hired by lululemon Walnut Creek to shoot these new images to represent the ambassadors on their turf. The images are to be printed and hung in the store and we are excited to share some thoughts and previews from the shoot.

For this shoot we were featuring Misha McNair as she was newly invited to be a lululemon ambassador. We had so much fun getting to know Misha on and off the mat. What was supposed to be two hours of shooting turned into a lot of chatting and laughter - but with the hour of shooting we were able to make some really nice images that we believe represent Misha very well. Misha is unbelievably kind, fun, mindful, and this is what we wanted to portray. Thank you for spending time with us and letting us get to know you - because you - are awesome. 

You can catch Misha at Just Be Yoga. They have a few locations around the East Bay right now and big plans for the future.