Shooting: Lululemon Ambassador Kate Miclean

Lululemon ambassadors have a very special place in the company. They are community influencers who live and breathe the sweat life. They are community leaders who constantly work to live their best lives and strive to motivate people around them to do the same. We were hired by lululemon Berkeley to shoot these new images to represent the ambassadors on their turf. The images are to be printed and hung in the store and we are excited to share some thoughts and previews from the shoot.

For this shoot we were featuring Kate Miclean for her big ambassador announcement with lululemon Berkeley. Kate is the owner and founder of Bold Lagree Studio in Berkeley and is an important pillar in the community. She strives not only to help people build stronger bodies but also to build a much stronger sense of self. As a result, Bold has become a warm community of friends who help each other push through those challenging moments in the workout - and life.

Be BOLD.   

Hope you like the images - we sure do!