Shooting: Benny Gold x lululemonsf

The best part of our job is meeting people - new people - kind people - inspiring people. Every project offers so much more than just the creation of images. This was also one of those interactions. We shot with Benny Gold for a lululemonsf Father's Day campaign and got to know the man behind the edgy San Francisco based streetwear brand. He told us:

"I left my full-time design job many years ago to pursue my passion and the Benny Gold brand was born from that. I found myself working an in-house job at a large corporation and not getting any creative satisfaction out of it. After years of plodding along the corporate path, I realized I was losing sight of the ideas and creative freedom I cherish. I am fortunate to be living my truth everyday and doing my best to teach my kids to do the same."

Father, Creative Director and Founder, Benny Gold, gives courage. Thank you for taking time to shoot with us.

Stay Gold!