Intersection Series: Courage + Mindfulness + Gratitude

This weekend we joined lululemon San Francisco to celebrate in the intersection of courage, mindfulness and gratitude.  The celebration was broken up into two main events:  a private gathering at the Assembly, and a public party in Hayes Valley at The PROXY.  

At their Assembly event, we focused on capturing the details and the individuals.  Since each person in attendance was personally invited, the best gift to share in recapping their experience was their experience.  The imagery was strategically shared with our partners and influencers from the events, which lead to an increased engagement and tagging for #intersectionsf.  An album of our photos from Friday was shared in a recap email of the event, and photos were used in 27 instagram stories (including our lovely friends' @aleksandrazee, @apexer, + @gofitjo).

Saturday we kicked off the day with silent disco yoga, lead by ambassador Danni Pomplun, met When to Jump's Mike Lewis at the Wall of Courage, and joined Elle Luna in the creation of our community mural - a giant love letter to the Sonoma first responders, helpers, and volunteers. Photos were shared cross-channel on lululemonSF, recapped in a post by Danni reaching 1560 total engagements, and posted in an album on lululemon global facebook

Needless to say we were quite happy with our social reach this weekend, and look forward to more partnerships that strategically layer marketing and photography.

- Caitlin