Shooting: la PanotiQ

Almost 1 year ago I worked with la PanotiQ on a rather involved project over the course of a month — shooting corporate employees, food, campaign collateral, and storefront spaces.  It was my first project after investing in my current camera, Nikon D810, so there was a lot to learn!  And what better way to do it than on set.  

One of my highlight lessons was probably this: When hired to shoot storefronts in October, verify the Halloween decorations are all down before you get there (for all 5 locations).  See if you can spot them yourself on la PanotiQ's website.

One of my favorite memories from October 2016 was becoming close to Philip Goransson, co-founder of CRU and my partner #IRL.  At the time we were just good friends, but he found his way in by asking to "assist" in all of my shoots to "learn the ropes".  U-huh.  Smooth, @sweden95.

- Caitlin Hannan