Shooting: Urban Remedy.

In March I was contracted to shoot five different locations for the off-the-chain-healthy-ready-to-go food chain Urban Remedy. UR specializes in organic, juices, salads, and bowls and is expanding fast throughout the U.S. My role in the project was to get interior and exterior shots of the locations to be posted in their online brochure that should be published in the coming month. 

I shot these pictures with my Nikon D810 with a nifty-fifty f/1.4. It would have been ideal with a slightly wider angle lens for the tight interiors, but at the time, the 50mm was all I had. The reflection in the windows and people and cars on the outside, made it challenging at some points. But I definitely learned to be patient. I didn't try to shoot all locations in a day since there are not enough golden hours in a day. I took more time than I normally would have because I always want to ensure that my client is happy with the results. Luckily, they were, and so am I.

- Philip Göransson