Shooting: Lululemon Ambassador Chelsea Bakken [2/3]

Lululemon ambassadors have a very special place in the company. They are community influencers who live and breathe the sweat life. They are community leaders who are constantly working to live their best lives and striving to motivate people around them to do the same. We were hired by the Walnut Creek store to shoot these new images to represent the ambassadors on their turf. The images are to be printed and hung in the store and we are excited to share some thoughts and previews from the shoot. 

Chelsea Bakken is the founder and current owner of CB Fit Lagree. She is a retired acrobat who has expanded her fitness background to a very successful business. Being business owners ourselves, we had an opportunity to learn a lot from her about the challenges and rewards of the process. Her studio is beautiful. It is spacious and bright which made our job much easier. For this shoot we only brought our LED lighting setup and a reflector to make use of the natural light coming in from the windows. It is convenient and it works like a charm. One great aspect of using the LED lights over speed lights is that you can essentially see whether the subject is properly exposed without using a light meter or having to struggle with advanced settings on your camera. For us, that is huge and allows us to produce very consistent content. We'd love to chat more about how we approach shoots like this one. And if you are unafraid of being sore, check out our Instagram for more info on where to catch Chelsea.