Shooting: Lululemon Ambassador Catherine Llevano [3/3]

Lululemon ambassadors have a very special place in the company. They are community influencers who live and breathe the sweat life. They are community leaders who are constantly working to live their best lives and striving to motivate people around them to do the same. We were hired by the Walnut Creek store to shoot these new images to represent the ambassadors on their turf. The images are to be printed and hung in the store and we are excited to share some thoughts and previews from the shoot. 

We walked in to her studio, set up our lights, and two minutes later the music was BLASTING! From that moment on there was no stopping us. Working with Catherine was really fun. Her confidence and energy is contagious and her taste in house music is stellar. This was our last shoot for the store in WC. We are very thankful for this gig and the opportunity to produce images for all three amazing ambassadors. 

We knew this shoot would be challenging because there's zero natural light and we wanted to maintain the low "nightclub-lighting-Soulcycle vibe." We anticipated a lot of movement which is not ideal in low-light situations. Therefore, we did not expect the same clarity due to shooting in high aperture, high ISO, and fast shutter speeds. We shot wide open the entire time using a nifty-fifty f/1.4 and a 24mm f/2.8. We set the ISO anywhere between 500-800. And Shutter Speed around 120 for some motion blur but not too much. And the results turned out great. Hats off to the amazing technology produced by Nikon. What settings to use are very situational but we would love to hear how you guys deal with these scenarios. Shoot us a message! 

Also, go take Catherine's Soulcycle class in Walnut Creek. Check out our Instagram for more info on when/where to find her.