CRU | Creative

'CRU' comes from the French word for 'Raw'. This partly describes our artistic style, but more importantly represents our company's core value: authenticity. We believe that raw, authentic, in-the-moment photography captures the purest form of beauty, and we try to convey that in our work. 

Our company started with a passion for photography combined with story-telling and a desire to share this passion with the world.

Our Team



Caitlin Hannan - Co-founder

Born and raised in Florida, Caitlin pursued opera and business at the prestigious Stetson University. Embracing change in a fearless manner, she moved to Berkeley, CA in 2015 to become a photographer and story teller for impressive companies like Lululemon, Everlane, and the Biggest Loser. Caitlin is a fitness-druggie with a grand apetite for ice cream.



Philip Goransson - Co-founder.

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden but have resided in the U.S for the past decade. Currently an economics student at the University of California, Berkeley in addition to being the Social Media marketing representative for Lululemon Athletica, Berkeley. Growing up around cameras, capturing images and important moments have become a huge part of Philip's identity.